Summer Elect Camp 2016

Summer Elect Camp 2016

How New Technologies are Shaping the Way We Run Elections

Romania, 1-4 August 2016

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First youth Summer School in Romania on how new technologies are shaping the way we run elections, organized by the Romanian Permanent Electoral Authority.


Why a youth summer school on elections?


A real phenomenon experienced not only in Romania but also in the partner countries of this programme, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Egypt, is the diversity of opinion regarding the new technologies used in elections. One of the essential challenges of any electoral management body is how to raise public trust in using new technologies in electoral processes. The key to manage this process is essential to any electoral authority to organize free and fair elections. This programme intends to promote, encourage and support the active participation in the elections field of the young people coming from different areas (EMBs, NGOs, students), with a focus on the elections – technology nexus.


What is it and why you should join?


Summer Elect Camp is designed as an experience sharing exercise, where 15 to 20  participants passionate about elections from Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and the Republic of Moldova will meet in an interactive and informal learning environment to discuss about the emerging trends in new technology and elections.


The main topics to be addressed by the summer school are:

  • Exploration of various electoral systems (foundation for later sessions);
  • Exploration of various technology tools and devices used in the field of elections;
  • The specific usability of technology in elections from multiple perspectives (voters, EMBs, electoral observers, watchdogs, activists, etc.);
  • Examples of best practices from the participating countries and others on the use of technology in elections;
  • The role that technology can play in voter mobilization, voter information, and civic education, particularly for young people.


When and where?


1-4 August 2016 in Romania, near Bucharest

Foreign participants are expected to arrive in Bucharest, Romania on 31 July and will leave on 5th August 2016. All tuition, travel, accommodation and living expenses are fully covered by the organisers for 15 participants Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and Republic of Moldova. A maximum number of 5 additional participants will be accepted provided that they support their own travel and accommodation expenses.


Interested? How can you join?


Join the debate on how new technology is shaping the way we choose leaders in democratic societies. Apply by completing the online application at the link below by 10 July 2016, where you tell us briefly about yourself and why this topic is important to you.


The online application form is available at the following link:


Apply if you are:

–      Under 30;

–      Have Moldovan, Georgian, Ukrainian, Egyptian or Romanian citizenship;

–      Working in an EMB for maximum 3 years or

–      Working for an NGO active in the field of democratic governance or

–      A student or recent graduate (within 2 years from graduation) of political science, IR, computer science or related field.

For further details, please check the concept note of the event here.